Please carefully read the terms of the Offer Agreement before using the services of the Web site (hereinafter the Web site)


This Agreement is in the nature of a public offer in accordance with Art. Art. 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equivalent to the "oral Agreement". According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the Agreement has due legal force.


1.1. The website is a distributor of Carriers' services.

1.2. Web site, as a distributor, sells the services of Carriers.

1.3. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Carrier undertakes to provide transportation services for the Client and his luggage (hereinafter the Service), in accordance with the route, date and time of departure chosen by the Client, and the Client undertakes to pay for the Service in advance.

1.4. The booking voucher, paid and issued to the Client, is an integral part of this Agreement and evidence of the conclusion of the public offer agreement and the Contract of Carriage between the Carrier and the Client.

1.5. The booking voucher number is a unique number of the Agreement.

1.6. Booking voucher with a reservation document.

1.7. The booking voucher will be exchanged by the Carrier for a travel document in accordance with the current legislation of the model.

1.8. The term of acceptance of the public offer is not limited.

1.9. The fact of the end of the service - arrival at the final destination specified in the Booking Voucher.

1.10. The Website is not responsible for the content and availability, as well as for the quality of services purchased on other sites, including those sites that link to the Website. Each purchase of a particular Carrier's service is subject to the terms and conditions of that Carrier.

1.11. The Client should get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the selected Carrier before purchasing the service. To purchase the service of the selected Carrier, you must agree to its terms and conditions.

1.12. The Client is solely responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions of the selected Carrier. The Client understands and agrees that non-compliance with the rules and conditions of the Carrier may lead to cancellation of the Client's orders and denial of access to purchased services and / or goods without refund of funds spent on the purchase of services and / or goods.

1.13. The Website reserves the right to withhold funds received from the Client, to compensate for the costs incurred by the Website, subsequently non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions by the Client.

1.14. The Client agrees that the Website is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or penal damages. Also in case of inconveniences (flight delays, flight cancellations, missed flights, non-compliance with the schedule, etc.) or other possible problems in connection with the visit or use of the Web site by the Client.

1.15. The Website is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the terms and prices for the sale of tickets and other goods and services sold through the Website. All prices for goods and services are subject to change without notice.

1.16. The Website is not liable for the actions, negligence, errors of representatives and warranties of any Carrier, and / or any injuries, deaths, damage to property or other damage or costs incurred as a result of using or accessing the services and / or goods of the Carrier .

1.17. To obtain information about the selected Carrier service, the Client can see when choosing the option to purchase the Carrier's service, upon request.

1.18. For detailed information on the rules and restrictions on the purchase of services, the rights and obligations of the passenger and carrier - the Client may contact the contact e-mail address specified on the Web site.




2.1. To make a purchase on the Web site, you must provide certain information to complete the service. In case of incorrectly provided contact information, which is not true or incomplete, the Website may refuse to provide the services provided by the Carriers without refunding the cost of paid services or goods.

2.2. By making a purchase through the Web site, the Customer confirms his legal capacity, agrees to the processing of personal data.

2.5. The Client agrees that he is personally and fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his information.

2.6. The Website is not liable for any damages caused by unauthorized use of the Client's information.

2.7. The client agrees to be solely and fully responsible for the inability to provide and retain accurate information.

2.8. The Website is not responsible for inconveniences and losses incurred as a result of failure to provide reliable information by the Client when using the Website.



3.1. The Client pays for the Carrier's services by 100% prepayment in cash or by bank transfer, bank card.

3.2. The price of the Service is formed from the price of the actual cost of the service, taking into account the remuneration of the third party participating in the conclusion of this Agreement, and is indicated in the booking voucher.

3.3. Refunds to the Client for the unused Service are carried out under the conditions established by the Carrier, or in accordance with the following rules:

- if the Booking Voucher is returned more than 72 hours before the bus departure, 75% of the trip cost will be returned to the passenger;

- if the Booking Voucher is returned from 72 to 24 hours before the bus departure, the passenger will be refunded 50% of the trip cost;

- if the Booking Voucher is returned from 24 to 12 hours before the bus departure, the passenger will be refunded 25% of the trip cost;

- if the Booking Voucher is returned less than 12 hours before the bus departure, the travel money will not be refunded.


3.4. The customer agrees to pay all amounts requested by the Web site. In the event that the Client's payment is not transferred to the Web site by the Client's bank, the Web site reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to block credit and debit cards for suspicious activity.


3.5. The customer is solely responsible for all commissions and other bank-determined charges that may be added to the purchase price by your credit or debit card issuer.



5.1. The website respects and protects the confidentiality of the Client's personal information.

5.2. By submitting his personal data on the Website, the Client agrees to their processing by LLC Ukrainian Bus Communications, including for the purpose of promoting goods and services, as well as the transfer of personal data to third parties involved by LLC Ukrainian Bus Communications in order to fulfill obligations to By the Client under this Agreement.

5.3. The Web site reserves the right to use and disclose the information of the Client about visiting the Web site in order to protect business interests.




6.1. On all issues not regulated in the text of this Agreement, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

6.2. Each Party guarantees to the other Party that it has the necessary legal capacity, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient to conclude and execute the Agreement in accordance with its terms.


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